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Israel / Gaza: Warten auf den neuen Krieg

Freitag, September 26th, 2014

“Was wurde eigentlich aus dem Waffenstillstand zwischen Israel und der Hamas?

Ein Monat nach Ende des Gaza-Krieges ist alles so schlecht wie eh und je

Von Fabian Köhler

Genau einen Monat ist es her, dass sich Israelis und Palästinenser auf einen Waffenstillstand einigten. Die gute Nachricht: das Abkommen wird größtenteils eingehalten. Die schlechte: leider nur von einer Seite.

Auf den Tag genau einen Monat ist es her, dass der jüngste Gaza-Krieg ein Ende fand. Tausende Raketen fielen in den Wochen zuvor auf israelische Städte, große Teile des Gazastreifens wurden in Trümmer verwandelt, Hunderttausende Menschen zu Flüchtlingen, mehr als 2.200 starben. Am 26. August einigten sich israelische und palästinensische Unterhändler in Kairo auf ein gemeinsames Abkommen: Die Waffen sollten schweigen, die Versorgungssituation für die Menschen im Gazastreifen verbessert werden. Einen Monat später ist alltägliche Gewalt zurückgekehrt, die Lage in Gaza so schlimm wie eh und je, die Bilanz des Waffenstillstandes ernüchternd (…).”



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BRD: 24-Stunden-Blockade gegen US-Atomwaffen

Dienstag, April 9th, 2013

Büchel steht ein heißer Sommer bevor

“Der Eifel steht ein heißer Sommer bevor. Die bundesweite Kampagne „Atomwaffenfrei jetzt“, der mehr als 50 Friedensgruppen und Organisationen angehören, will im August mit einem großen Happening und einer 24-Stunden-Blockade des Fliegerhorstes Büchel ein Zeichen setzen für einen raschen Abzug der amerikanischen Atomwaffen aus der Eifel und dieser Forderung im Vorfeld der Bundestagswahlen Nachdruck verleihen (…).”




USA: Gewaltfreier Widerstand gegen US-Drohnenkrieg

Samstag, Oktober 27th, 2012

“Anti-drone protest shuts down Hancock Air Base – 17 arrested, 13 held in jail

Posted on October 25, 2012

from The Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and Stop the Wars

On the morning of October 25, forty concerned citizens created a blockade of Hancock Air National Guard Base outside Syracuse, NY. MQ-9 Reaper drones are operated by remote control from the base, and are used to carry out attacks in Afghanistan and possibly other countries. The activists say this use of drones violates international and domestic law, and amounts to war crimes.

The blockade began shortly after 8 a.m. this morning, when the activists gathered outside three gates of the military airfield, which are located on east Malloy , Thompson, and Townline Roads in the Town of DeWitt. They set up traffic cones, unfurled banners, and held up signs and pictures. The signs named the war crimes that the activists say are being carried on at the base, and the pictures portrayed children who have been killed by the drones. They succeeded in blocking gates for two and a half hours before they were arrested and taken to the Town Court of DeWitt.

Those blocking the gates were told by police that they would be arrested for a trespassing violation if they didn’t leave, but 17 of them remained in place until they were taken into police custody. Those arrested ranged in age from their twenties to their seventies, and included veterans as well as followers of various religions, including those of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish faiths.

The activists presented a document to personnel at the base, which they called a “People’s Indictment for War Crimes”. They also read the indictment outside the gates. The indictment reads, in part:
“These drones are being used…for killings far removed from combat zones….to assassinate individuals and groups…

“Extrajudicial killings such as those the U.S. carries out by drones, are intentional, premeditated, and deliberate use of lethal force to commit murder in violation of U.S. and international law.”

The use of armed drones has become the subject of controversy recently, with a recent study by Stanford and New York Universities showing that civilian casualties are much higher than has been claimed by the Obama administration. The study also shows that the continual presence of drones over some parts of Pakistan is creating psychological trauma in the civilian population. A recent poll in Pakistan shows the U.S. drones are sparking outrage in that country, with 75% now viewing the United States as more of an enemy than an ally.

At hearings in DeWitt Township court this afternoon, all were charged with trespass and disorderly conduct and served with protection orders banning them from contacting Earl A. Evans, Mission Support Group Commander of the National Guard. Four of the protesters were released on their own recognizance pending trial and the rest are being held in jail on bonds ranging from $250 to $1000.

Ed Kinane of Syracuse and Mike Perry, Dan Burgevin, Andrea Levine, all of Trumansburg, NY, were released.

Elliot Adams of Sharon Springs, NY, Judy Bello of Webster, NY, Mark Colville of New Haven, CT, Paul Frazier of Syracuse, NY, Clare Grady of Ithaca, NY, Mary Anne Grady Flores of Ithaca, NY, Martha Hennessey of Vermont, Brian Hynes of the Bronx, Rae Kramer of Syracuse, NY, Bonnie Mahoney of Buffalo, NY, James Ricks of Ithaca, NY, Mark Scibilia-Carver of Trumansburg, NY, and Paki Wieland of Northhampton, MA are still in custody as of late in the afternoon.”


(Quelle: The Nuclear Resister.)

Finnland: Ydinenergia? Ei kiitos!

Samstag, Juli 28th, 2012

“Olkiluoto Blockade Sat 11 Aug and Nuclear Camp 6-13 Aug, 2012 in Finland!

See full program here:


and here: NUCLEAR CAMP 2012 PROGRAM pdf

From uranium mining to nuclear waste storage, nuclear power poses a health risk to current and future generations alike. We refuse to be part of this costly and dangerous experiment which mainly serves the interests of big industry. We therefore demand a nuclear power phase-out.

On August 11, people are going to block the roads to Olkiluoto nuclear power plant in Eurajoki. Previous years have seen people blocking the roads using banners, drumming, performances and peaceful civil disobedience. You can join the demonstration in any way you like, with no obligation to participate in civil disobedience.

Make sure not to bring with you anything that could be classed as a weapon. No alcohol or drugs in the demonstration. Everyone is asked to refrain from any form of violence, sexism, racism and provocations.

This year the action day is preceded by an international anti-nuclear camp, held at a local farmhouse. The camp program includes practical and informative workshops, such as the current situation of Japan’s nuclear disaster and introducing the movement against mining in Finland. The guest speakers, documentaries and workshops during the week will illustrate the international anti-nuclear movement and provide skills and tools for local campaigning.

There will be a special program for kids, and babysitting help available. As well as yummy vegan food, sauna, crafting, live bands and sharing struggles for a nuclear free future!


Sign up for the camp at olbcamp (at)

You will get driving instructions upon signing up.

Ask more from the info number: + 358 40 461 9154

Recommended prices:

Whole camp 7 days:30-60 EUR Includes three meals per day, program and basic accommodation in tents/indoors

Alternatively 1 day: 5-8EUR 1 meal: 3-5EUR

Children under 10 years for free.

Shared rides: We also recommend to take your own car/bike/minibus to the camp and demonstration. If you need a ride or can offer one, notify us at: olkiluotoblockade (at)

From Tampere: a minibus leaves to the camp on Monday Aug 6 at 18.00 and on Friday 10 Aug at 12:00. You can reserve seats at olkiluotoblockade (at)

From Helsinki: The Union of Conscientious Objectors organises a bus on Friday Aug 10, starting at 11.30. from Rauhanasema, the Peace Station in Pasila. Reserve seats at toimisto (at) or by calling +358 (0)40 836 27 86 More info on the bus from Helsinki:

From Turku this same bus leaves on Aug 10 at 14.00 in front of the Railway station. Reserve seats from or call +358 (0)40 836 27 86 More info:

Train and bus Connections:

Nearest station is Harjavalta, if you need a drive from station call +358 40 461 9154 (0404619154) or mail olbcamp(at)

Train from Helsinki 6.30 – Tampere 8.07 – Harjavalta 9,27
Bus from Turku 7.35 – Harjavalta 9.35
Bus from Vaasa 5.30 – Harjavalta 9.30

Train from Helsinki 14.30 – Tampere 16.07 – Harjavalta 17.29
Bus from Turku 15.35 – Harjavalta 17.35
Busi from Vaasa 13.30 – Harjavalta 17.30

Train : Helsinki 16.06 – Tampere 18.07 – Harjavalta 19.27
Bus: Turku 19.00 – Harjavalta 20.45
Bus: Vaasa 16.30 – Harjavalta 20.30

Coming to Finland from abroad. If you need accomodation in Turku or Helsinki or a ride to the camp or any other help, email us:

  • Turku,
  • Helsinki, “

(Quelle: Olkiluotoblockade 2012.)

Israel/Palästina: Für Gaza, aber nicht gegen Israel

Donnerstag, Juni 23rd, 2011

“For Gaza, but not against Israel / Chicago Sun-Times


In a few days, slightly more than a year since a flotilla of ships attempted to breech Israel”s naval blockade to call attention to the plight of the 1.5 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, 50 passengers, including three from the Chicago area, will sail to the Gaza Strip on a boat named “The Audacity of Hope.” As part of the second international “freedom flotilla,” they’ll attempt the same feat to deliver humanitarian aid in the form of letters of support and friendship.

If you recall the ruckus last year”s attempt raised, you’ll understand what danger these 50 activists — including Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “The Color Purple” Alice Walker, author and Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein, and Tony-nominated actress Kathy Chalfant — are facing.

The flotilla’s main ship, the Mavi Marmara, was raided, leaving nine humanitarian activists, including one U.S. citizen, dead. The international uproar continues over whether Israeli forces were right to act as they did when boarding the ship.

In the year since that incident, the international and U.S. debate about Middle East politics has been reduced to sound bytes about who is “for” and who is “against” Israel.

“I think when you frame it in terms of this being a human rights issue, of believing the Palestinians have a right to live in dignity without an army imposing restrictions on them, you see we’re not against Israel. We’re really just asking Israel to uphold human rights and international law,” says 22-year-old Logan Square resident Max Suchan, who will be on The Audacity of Hope. He works with Palestine Solidarity Project, a Palestinian-led initiative that organizes unarmed resistance to the occupation.

Suchan told me that one-quarter of the activists setting sail from Greece this week are practicing Jews who, like the other passengers, are critical of Israel”s policies, much as many Americans are critical of some U.S. foreign policies.

Robert Naiman, policy director of Just Foreign Policy, a U.S. foreign policy reform organization, told me that though politics are inextricably linked with this voyage that he’ll be on, “our main concern is simply to raise the profile of the blockade and increase pressure on the U.S. to end the blockade.”

Naiman, an Elmhurst native and current resident of Champaign-Urbana, told me the focus is firmly on “the 1.5 million Gazans who can’t travel, freely work, study or access medical care. They”re prevented from exporting goods, from importing medical supplies; farmers are prevented farming land and fishermen from fishing.”

“As far as being accused of being anti-Israel, we just reject the idea the blockade is premised on: that it’s an economic warfare against Hamas,” Naiman said, referring to the political party that governs the Gaza Strip and is widely recognized as a terrorist organization. “But to believe that all these restrictions on Palestinians are justified you have to erase any distinction between Hamas and the 1.5 million human beings who have nothing to do with Hamas but are living under restrictions.”

Nobel Peace Prize nominee Kathy Kelly, a lifelong Chicagoan and current Andersonville resident, told me she wants the American people, and Chicagoans, to take ownership of our collective role in the Gaza Strip residents’ plight.

“Many people aren’t aware of the very definite connection between the U.S. and Israel’s capacity both to impose the siege and back it up with formidable weapons,” Kelly told me as she prepared for the passage. “Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, Caterpillar — these are major companies selling huge weapons systems to the Israeli government and that’s why it takes the stance of no negotiation with Hamas. The U.S. gives the Israeli military $3 billion in foreign military aid every year and the people in Gaza have the right to ask the U.S. ‘How can you keep doing this?’ ”

Those questions will surely come back to the forefront in the coming days. The Audacity of Hope”s passengers are set to arrive in Greece Tuesday and set sail a few days later. No one knows how they”ll fare in the Mediterranean Sea. Israeli military forces have vowed to let no ships cross into Gaza, but one thing is certain: Chicago and the whole world will be watching.”


(Quelle: Voices for Creative Nonviolence.)

Palästina/Gaza: Nobelpreisträgerinnen appellieren an Ban Ki-Moon

Freitag, Juni 17th, 2011

“Laureates To Ban Ki-Moon: Safe Passage For Gaza Flotilla



Four women Nobel Peace Laureates have sent an open letter calling on United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to support the safe passage of the Freedom Flotilla II. The flotilla will be bringing much-needed humanitarian supplies to the people of Gaza in late June.

Mairead Maguire, Jody Williams, Shirin Ebadi, and Rigoberta Menchú Tum have asked the Secretary General to “support the people of Gaza with two key actions.  First, by appointing a representative to inspect and seal the cargo of the boats of the Freedom Flotilla II—thus assuring the Israeli government that the boats are carrying humanitarian supplies…” and to “call on all governments to support the safe passage of the Freedom Flotilla II.”

Download the open letter here or read the full text below.

Ki-moon has failed to make efforts to dissuade UN member governments from stopping delivery of this humanitarian aid to Gaza. These legitimate humanitarian initiatives have been undertaken by civil society in an effort to help ease the suffering of the people of Gaza as they face humanitarian crises of devastating scale. The Laureates are urging the Secretary General to use his authority to encourage international support for these initiatives, and to ask Israel not to use force against the flotilla.

June 10, 2011

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
United Nations
New York, NY 10017 USA

RE: Inspection and sealing of Freedom Flotilla II cargo

Dear Mr. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,

We are writing to urge you to use your good offices in support of the humanitarian needs of the people of Gaza.

In our view, you can support the people of Gaza with two key actions. First, by appointing a representative to inspect and seal the cargo of the boats of the Freedom Flotilla II—thus assuring the Israeli government that the boats are carrying humanitarian supplies such as toys, medical supplies, cement and educational materials. Equally important, we strongly urge you to use your authority to call on all governments to support the safe passage of the Freedom Flotilla II. We are disappointed to learn of your recent efforts to persuade member governments from stopping the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza on the Freedom Flotilla II. We urge you to reconsider and instead encourage member states to lend support and ask Israel not to use force against legitimate humanitarian initiatives undertaken by civil society to help ease the suffering of the people of Gaza who are facing a humanitarian crisis of devastating scale.

The Freedom Flotilla II, organized by 14 national groups and international coalitions and carrying approximately 1500 ‘freedom riders,’ is set to sail to Gaza this month. Sailing in the spirit of promoting human rights, prosperity, and social responsibility, the aim of the Flotilla is to alleviate the humanitarian crisis faced by the citizens of Gaza.

The blockade in Gaza is clearly having a harmful impact on the people of Gaza, and indeed UNDP and other agencies report high levels of malnutrition and other disturbing health problems. According to a report by the World Food Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organization, the level of “abject poverty” among the Palestinians of Gaza has tripled since the imposition of the blockade, with 61 % of households not having enough food. The blockade has crippled the Gaza economy and destroyed Palestinians’ livelihoods and homes.

We believe our requests to you are in keeping with UN Security Council Resolution 1860 of January 2009 as well as the 2010 UN Human Rights Council fact-finding mission on the attack on Freedom Flotilla I, which are calling for a lift of the blockade to allow humanitarian assistance. We urge you to do all you can to support this nonviolent international humanitarian effort, to provide UN representatives to inspect and seal the cargo, and to appeal to all governments to allow safe passage of the Freedom Flotilla II.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter. We look forward to your positive response.

Mairead Maguire (1976)
Rigoberta Menchu Tum (1992)
Jody Williams (1997)
Shirin Ebadi (2003) “

What you can do:

    Stay informed about what is happening with the flotilla through organizations like Free Gaza, Gaza Freedom March and the Canadian Boat to Gaza.

    ● Follow Free Gaza Movement and the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation on Facebook.

    ● Follow Free Gaza Movement and Gaza Freedom March on Twitter.

    ● Spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, blogs and/or word of mouth.

    Ask the United Nations to work with the international community to assemble support for the flotilla and stop any actions designed to interfere with its safe passage. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon can be reached at


(Quelle: Nobel Women’s Initiative.)