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Sklavenarbeit für Microsoft

Dienstag, April 20th, 2010

‘We are like prisoners': Microsoft faces slave labour claims

The world’s biggest technology companies are failing to stamp out child labour and abusive working conditions in their Chinese factories despite repeated accounts of human rights violations.

Recent reports reveal our insatiable lust for the latest gadgets is having a shocking impact on workers in countries such as China, who are being made to work more than 80 hours a week in sweatshop conditions for as little as 52 cents an hour.

Human rights group the National Labor Committee (NLC) released a report this week saying KYE, a factory in Guangdong province that supplies Microsoft, recruits hundreds of ‘work study students’ aged 16 and 17, who work 15-hour shifts, six and seven days a week.

In March, Apple said at least 11 15-year-old children were discovered to be working last year in three factories that supply the company. It also revealed that at least 55 of the 102 factories that produce its goods were ignoring Apple’s rule that staff cannot work more than 60 hours a week.”


(Quelle: The Sydney Morning Herald.)