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Israelische und palästinensische Menschenrechtsorganisationen fordern Stopp der Deportationspolitik

Samstag, Mai 15th, 2010

“Stop West Bank deportation policy

Israeli and Palestinian human rights organizations issued a joint statement today calling on Israel to stop its illegal policy of deporting Palestinians from the West Bank to Gaza

We, the undersigned, express our opposition to Israel’s policy of unlawful transfer and deportation from the West Bank, which has escalated in the form of the Order regarding Prevention of Infiltration (Amendment No. 2) (No. 1650) (“Order 1650″). The order, effective April 13, 2010, defines anyone present in the West Bank as an “infiltrator”, unless he or she is in possession of a permit from Israel, and subjects those without permits to deportation, transfer, criminal charges, fines, and/or imprisonment. It is part of a series of steps taken by Israel to remove Palestinians from the West Bank by declaring them to be (…).”


(Quelle: B’Tselem.)