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EU/Kambodscha: Everything but Arms?!

Donnerstag, April 18th, 2013

“European Parliament calls upon Commission to investigate and halt human rights abuses linked to EBA in Cambodia

The European Parliament, representing one of the country’s largest donors, on Friday called for a moratorium on forced evictions, an overhaul of elections and even went so far as to suggest to the European Union that it suspend tariff-free imports of agricultural goods linked to human rights abuses in Cambodia.

In the body’s motion, seven distinct areas of concern are listed, ranging from a rise in violence against protesters to specific cases such as that of Mam Sonando.

The parliament then calls for a number of recommendations, the strongest of which is that the EU’s decision-making body, the European Commission, temporarily halt its “Everything But Arms” (EBA) trade agreement with the Cambodian government – which allows Cambodian goods free access to European markets – “in cases where human rights abuses are identified”.

European Parliament Resolution on the situation in Cambodia (English)

European Parliament Resolution on the situation in Cambodia (Khmer)

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(Quelle: Clean Sugar Campaign.)

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