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Indien: SexarbeiterInnen – weder Opfer noch sprachlos

Mittwoch, Mai 19th, 2010

“Neither Victims Nor Voiceless: Sex Workers Speaking for Themselves

By Audacia Ray

Since I became a part of the U.S. sex worker rights movement five years ago, talking about contentious issues concerning bodies, labor, money, and rights has very much become my calling. In the past year alone, I’ve been quoted on CNN about the value of virginity, talked about South Carolina’s governor Mark Sanford (who recently revealed he had an affair with an Argentine woman) on the national morning news program The Takeaway, and admonished the Boston Herald for its slurs toward sex workers.

I thought I knew a lot about sex work, rights, and organizing when I set off in September for two weeks in India with my colleague Khushbu Srivastava, program officer for Asia at the International Women’s Health Coalition. But as much as I am accustomed to being an “expert,” I quickly realized that I knew next to nothing about the nuances of Indian culture and the dynamics of the local struggle for sexual rights and reproductive health (…).”

(Quelle: WIN Magazine.)