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Südkorea: Hungerstreik gegen US-Militärbasis

Donnerstag, Mai 26th, 2011

“U.S. base foes on hunger strike in Korean jail


Korean police arrest film critic Yang Yoon-Mo, April 6, 2011. Photo from video.


On Jeju Island, South Korea, a jailed local opponent of a new U.S. navy base is in his 53rd day of a hunger strike. Korea’s most prominent film critic, University professor Yang Yoon-Mo, was arrested April 6 as he and other residents of Gangjeong village disrupted construction by locking themselves under the earth moving equipment. Yang, who was released from jail just three months before, following an earlier protest, was jailed again for violating a restraining order. He has refused food since that day, and declared his willingness to fast until death unless plans for the base are abandoned. On May 19, eight more opponents were arrested and are also in jail. One of them, Sung-Hee Choi, was taken into custody simply for displaying a banner that read “Do not touch any stone or any flower.” She, and perhaps some of the other prisoners, have joined with Yang in the hunger strike.
Yang, Sung-Hee and the others ask that supporters contact the South Korean embassy in their country to demand an end to construction of the base, freedom for the prisoners, and reinstatement of the preservation law that was selectively annulled to open the coast to such massive development.
Jeju is a volcanic island off the southern coast of Korea, with a history of cultural and political independence from the mainland. It is renowned as a World Natural Heritage Site for its clear waters, pristine, rocky beaches, volcanic geology and unique marine and island ecology. The U.S. Navy has long sought a port on this Island of Peace, due to its strategic location in the South China Sea between China, Korea, and Japan. The conservative government of Lee Myung Bak has suppressed voices for peace and reconciliation, and over the democratically expressed objection of the large majority of area residents, pushed hard to build the base.
When construction cranes were first brought in before dawn one day last summer, they were turned back by a campaign of civil disobedience. Then late last December, 66 cement trucks rolled into the site, accompanied by a very large police force. Police arrest 34 people who tried to block the construction convoy.
In the United States, Bruce Gagnon of the Global Network Against Nuclear Power and Weapons in Space, who has visited Gangjeong village twice in recent months, has initiated a support fast and invited others to join him in solidarity with Professor Yang and the Korean anti-bases movement. For more information and links to videos and photos of nonviolent war resistance in Korea, visit Bruce’s blog at”


(Quelle: The Nuclear Resister.)

Südkorea: AntimilitaristInnen verhaftet

Donnerstag, Mai 19th, 2011


Submitted by davidswanson
By Bruce K. Gagnon, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

This morning I received an urgent message (see below) from Jeju Island, South Korea saying that yesterday eight leaders of the protest effort against construction of a Navy base had been arrested. Global Network board member Sung-Hee Choi was one of those arrested – her second time in recent months.

Gangjeong village resident Professor Yang Yoon-Mo is now in his 45th day of his hunger strike while in jail for trying to block a construction truck. He has vowed to die in jail unless base construction is halted.

We need your help. We must show the South Korean and U.S. governments that people all over the world are following the story on Jeju very closely and care what happens. You can write to the South Korean Defense Attaché assigned to Washington DC. at this email and demand an end of the Navy base construction. or you can call the South Korean Embassy at 202-939-5600 to show your solidarity with the Gangjeong villagers on Jeju Island.

It is important to remember that the U.S. Navy will be porting Aegis destroyers (outfitted with “missile defense” systems) at this base. The proximity of the base on Jeju Island to China’s shipping lanes, that they use to import 80% of their oil, is no coincidence. It is beyond obvious that this base is absolutely going to contribute to further militarization of the Asian-Pacific region and will in fact be a dangerous trigger for war.

Mr Gagnon,

I am writing to let you know about the current situation in Gangjeong, on Jeju Island. The military and police are stepping up their efforts to silence all opposition to the naval base. This morning, 19 May, the construction companies came with their heavy equipment together with around 100 members of the police and military. They specifically came to destroy the greenhouse on the Jungdeok coast that has been occupied by protestors for several years now as well as the many banners from around Korea denouncing the naval base. Once there intentions became know, many people gathered in an attempt to stop the greenhouse and banners from being destroyed. In addition to blocking the construction equipment some people chained themselves to the greenhouse.

Even though for the moment the protestors were successful in blocking the destruction of the greenhouse and banners, due to the overwhelming force of the police, military, and construction companies, eight protestors were arrested, all important leaders in opposing the construction of the naval base, including Sung-Hee Choi.

Obviously the situation is still ever developing, but I thought you might like to know what is going on right now. Thank you for helping to spread the news about Jeju beyond Korea.

Jungjoo Park
South Korea

You can learn more about the protest effort on Jeju Island at

Thanks for your support.”

(Quelle: War Is A