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Republik Südafrika: Soziale Proteste während der Fussball-WM angekündigt

Mittwoch, Juni 9th, 2010

“Social Movements Indaba. Press Statement

By Mhlobo Gunguluzi

The Social Movements Indaba (SMI) is currently not satisfied with the manner that the 2010 World Cup has been organised in South Africa without the participation of the people. We believe that South Africa is becoming more fascist than the government of apartheid. We have also noted the cost of building the stadia for the world cup, that is, more than R17Billion have been wasted unlike the other world cups that have been held in SA like rugby or cricket. It cost less than R20 000 to build one RDP house and you can imagine how many houses could have been built with this money and also how much we could have improved the service delivery, particularly of health and education.

We feel that FIFA came to SA just to further oppress and exploit the people of South Africa. It is worse because the informal traders will not be allowed to sell their products near the stadia of World Cup as they used to do during our big league marches. While we love soccer so much, we condemn the South African government for not consulting the people. We have a huge backlog on housing and poor service delivery because of the lack of money while money is wasted in white elephant stadia and huge salaries of the ministers, legislators and councillors while there is a lot of corruption in all spheres of government and the state. It was going to be better if this 2010 World Cup was organised to assist the people to get jobs and build houses. The jobs that were created are now not there because the stadia have been finished even so we have seen strikes in the process of building these stadia.

The Social Movements Indaba is going to further engage in peaceful protest to show government that we are not satisfied in the manner they do things. We want to protests at same time as we hold the World Cup. Everyday our radios and TVs are full of adverts containing the World Cup while we do not see the adverts of our people trying to make life better for all. We are not exposed to the community meetings that strive to achieve service delivery. On the 11th Jun 2010 all social movements in South Africa are going to have a day of action. This day of action will be proceeded by other activities including protests. We are going to continue our protests during the days of 2010 World Cup and ask support to all democratic activists to protests inside the stadia by demanding land, houses, service delivery, health, education and jobs. Demanding jobs is not equal to demanding exploitation by neo-liberals.

• we demand rural development for agricultural farming

• we demand quality houses for all
• we demand service delivery i.e. water and sanitation for all

• we demand adequate health service for all

• we demand equal education for all i.e. one school, one library, one librarian

• and we demand jobs for all and a basic income grant for all the unemployed

We also say no to the neo-liberal agenda in South Africa and whole world. We request that all our supporters to protests in all the World Cup games inside and outside the stadia. We are also determined to show the world that the so called progressive constitution does not bring us happiness as long as our government is undemocratic and corrupt, from the president to the councillor. In your countries please inform the soccer lovers that are coming to South Africa to say “another world is possible” and no to neo-liberal agenda that is sinking Greece, Ireland, etc.

Down with neo-liberalism!
Forward to socialism!


Mhlobo Gunguluzi (Media Coordinator of SMI)”

(Quelle: World Forum Of Alternatives.)