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Militarisierung des Weltraums: USA heizen Wettrüsten an

Dienstag, Mai 11th, 2010

“Black World’ Space Shuttle: Air Force Raises the Stakes for a New Arms Race

It’s not as if things aren’t bad enough right here on planet earth.

What with multiple wars and occupations, an accelerating economic meltdown, corporate malfeasance and environmental catastrophes such as the petroleum-fueled apocalypse in the Gulf of Mexico, I’d say we have a full plate already.

Now the Defense Department wants to up the stakes with new, destabilizing weapons systems that will transform low- and high-earth orbit into another ‘battlespace,’ pouring billions into programs to achieve what Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) has long dreamed of: ‘space dominance.’

Indeed, Pentagon space warriors fully intend to field a robust anti-satellite (ASAT) capability that can disable, damage or destroy the satellites of other nations, all for ‘defensive’ purposes, mind you.

Back in 2005, The New York Times reported that General Lance W. Lord, then commander of AFSPC, told an Air Force conference that ‘space superiority is not our birthright, but it is our destiny. … Space superiority is our day-to-day mission. Space supremacy is our vision for the future.’

Five years on, that ‘mission’ is still a top priority for the Obama administration. While some might call it ‘net-centric warfare’ on steroids, I’d choose another word: madness (…).”


(Quelle: Antifascist Calling….)


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