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Israel: Neues im Fall Anat Kamm

Dienstag, Mai 25th, 2010

“Former IDF soldier accused of espionage: My testimony is inadmissible in court

Anat Kamm, suspected of passing secret army documents to Haaretz reporter Uri Blau, claims her admissions in spying case were obtained through false promises

By Ofra Edelman

Anat Kamm, accused of delivering classified army documents to Haaretz reporter Uri Blau, claims her admissions in the case are cannot be used in court, as they were obtained through false promises, her lawyer said yesterday. Avigdor Feldman said after the hearing at Tel Aviv District Court that he would request an exclusionary hearing to decide on the matter. He said his client was ‘promised that she will not be brought to trial if she returns all the materials in her possession. This promise was broken.’

Later, in an interview with Channel 10, Feldman said that the promise was implicit, but that Kamm was told this was not a criminal investigation, and that she did not need to consult a lawyer. He also said it wasn’t made clear to Kamm she had the right to remain silent.

Kamm’s attorneys, Feldman and Eitan Lehman, also asked the court to postpone their response to the indictment, as they have yet to receive investigation material relating to Uri Blau. The district court panel, headed by Judge Nurit Ahituv, ruled that Kamm must respond to the charges by July 1, and that testimony will be heard in December.

The judges also decided not to hold the entire trial behind closed doors, but that each hearing will be decided on individually, according to the witnesses who will take the stand and the content of their testimony. Yesterday’s hearing was held behind closed doors, but its content was subsequently released for publication. As the evidentiary stage is now being postponed by seven months, Lehman said the defense will probably submit a new request regarding the conditions of Kamm’s house arrest.

Feldman also complained about what he said was a discrepancy between the treatment of Kamm and of Blau by the authorities. ‘She wanted to give back all the documents and ends up on trial. Blau, by contrast, gave back only some of the documents, and yet she’s being made into a spy.’ Lehman said that once they receive all the materials in the case, they will be able to understand why Kamm was treatedly differently from Blau.

Kamm declined comment on the charges, only noting she felt good being outdoors after being under house arrest for five months, and said she hoped that it will be all right. Her mother Ada told reporters that her daughter acted foolishly all along and trusted people she shouldn’t have trusted. Of Blau’s remaining abroad, Kamm’s mother said she was sure London was more comfortable than Tel Aviv.

Kamm is charged with obtaining classified documents during her army service. She is believed to have collected as many as 2,000 documents, some of them top secret, and to have handed them over to Blau, who used some of them in reports for Haaretz.”

(Quelle: Haaretz.)